Couples Therapy

Whether you are married, getting ready to be married, in a committed relationship, or open relationship, relationship dynamics can be difficult at any stage. Couples must synchronize to live in harmony together. As a couples therapist in Los Angeles, I work with a diverse population and I serve couples of any gender, age and religious background. With this said, my Santa Monica practice is inclusive and welcoming to all.

As a couples’ therapist, I work to understand how the problems described are informed by the relationship, as well as how each individual’s cultural aspects, belief systems, and past experiences are driving the relationship and maintaining the issues within the couple.

How couples therapy can help

Couples therapy will assist the couple with focusing on the critical matters that may be maintaining the issues within the relationship, and that may be leading the couple to feel stuck in a one-way street.

What are the benefits of couples therapy?

Some of the benefits of couples therapy include improving communication, solving differences that have emerged in the relationship, and maintaining the quality of the relationship bond. In other instances, couples therapy helps couples process difficult challenges and find more effective ways to communicate and manage conflict. It can also help couples commit to each other in a new way, in order to find enjoyment and support in each other again. As a couples therapist in Century City, my goal is to assist the couple in learning how to dance in harmony rather than stumble and step on each other’s feet.

Clients that usually come to my practice and seek couples therapy face the following problems:

Premarital Sex & Relationship Counseling

Premarital counseling is a vital part of preparing you both for marriage. My counseling sessions will:

  • Guide you through current problems in the relationship.
  • Strengthen your relationship.
  • Discuss your values and beliefs about money, children, extended family, quality time, career, intimacy, hobbies, trust, connection, and expectation.
  • Learn negotiation skills.
  • Deepen your understanding of one another.

Are you still skeptical but thinking about couples therapy? Here is a quick guide that will help you sort out some of your concerns.